Delivering True Safety in ADAS with a patented system ‘watchdog’ to detect and mitigate sensor degradation.

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The Problem

Today’s consumer vehicles have an ever-increasing number of sensors linked to ADAS safety systems. Sensors, components and hardware are subject to change over a vehicle’s lifetime.

ADAS operating below intended performance levels has a widespread impact on road safety. This effect increases significantly towards the tail end of the life cycle.

The Solution

obsurver is collaborating with industry partners to provide a holistic solution across system development, type approval, manufacturing and inspection.

Deep Understanding

Example degradation effects

Sensors used in automotive systems are not 100% stable – they can change.

This effect applies for every sensor modality
such as camera, RADAR, LiDAR…

Sensors are the key input to environment and scene understanding as well as for artificial intelligence detection systems.

six critical improvements

Fast identification of poorly performing systems Will...


Make vehicles safer for occupants


Reduce accidents, including fatalities and severe injuries


Reduce costs to societyassociated with accidents


Improve risk management for insurance industry


Maximise fleet operational efficiency for commercial vehicles


Improve reliability and safety of autonomous systems

The obsurver principle

obsurver is an automotive safety protocol that ensures ADAS sensor systems are performing at the required level, and provides warning if they are not.

This consists of an end-to-end solution to link critical sensor performance parameters with the functional domain.

obsurver’s patented ‘true safety’ approach can
be implemented with both an on-the-fly monitoring
approach, and workshop-based test protocol

Industry Support

"In order to develop safe driver assistance systems and enable autonomous driving, the digitalization of processes and workflows is indispensable. Particularly in the area of verification and validation, for example, the use of simulative processes and digital twins is essential.

dSPACE offers these methods and helps to digitalize PTI and homologation and implement them with customers."

"As the automotive industry is changing highly connected vehicle needs to be maintained during its lifecycle – this should involve sensor performance management.

Deloitte as a leading player in the field of certification services sees this as a major gap and supports technologies and activities to meet future road safety."

Strategic partners

Industry Support

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