Impacts of Sensor Degradation on ADAS System Performance

Automobil Industrie • February 2022

ADAS and automated driving functions are intended to increase road safety. But what if sensors give the wrong signals due to aging or degradation? Companies like the start-up obsurver are working on such issues.

Overcoming Sensor Degradation in Automotive

AutoSens • October 2021

Impacts of Sensor Degradation on ADAS System Performance

AutoSens • October 2020

3 Basic Facts About Automotive Sensor Degradation

EDN • October 2020

“Sensor degradation is intrinsically linked to the most crucial issue in the automotive design world: safety. Now add advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous vehicle designs to the equation, and the critical importance of sensor degradation becomes self-evident.

That’s why sensor degradation will be a panel discussion subject at AutoSens Brussels 2020. Deloitte, National Physical Laboratory, Obsurver, and University of Coventry are going to be part of this discussion.”

Understanding Sensor Degradation for ADAS and Autonomous Vehicles

Aspencore • October 2020

Advanced driver-assistance systems and autonomous vehicles are works-in-progress that rely on constantly evolving technologies. This 152-page book, with contributions from leading thinkers in the tech and automotive industries, asks: Can advancements in sensing and decision-making technologies help drivers, passengers and vulnerable road users?

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